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Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox

One of the finest and most outstanding musical voices of our time, multiple award winning singer -songwriter Annie Lennox is also a tireless campaigner on the issue of HIV/AIDS and its impact on women and children’s lives.

In addition to the “SING” campaign, which she founded in 2007 to help prevent the spread of HIV in Southern Africa, Annie is an UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador and has worked with a variety of organisations in an ambassadorial context, including Oxfam, Amnesty International, The Red Cross and Special Envoy for HIV AIDS in Scotland.

Annie has generously supported the Elton John AIDS Foundation in her capacity as patron in many ways, including raising funds to help build the Vrygrond Community Centre in South Africa that provides support for AIDS affected communities and performing with Elton in 2015 at the Woodside Gallery Dinner.

Annie Lennox is founder of “The Circle” – a UK based NGO working to protect and promote the rights of women and girls in developing countries.

In 2011 she was granted an OBE by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.