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Creating an aids free future in The Americas and The Carribean

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Creating an aids free future in Africa, Asia and Europe

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No More HIV Infections

If we want to create an AIDS free future, we have to stop the spread of HIV. That might sound like a huge feat, but there's so much we can do. In the last decade, we've seen how effective HIV prevention can be with a series of simple measures like expanding clean needle and condom distribution. It's about giving everyone - especially those at risk - the information and means to protect themselves.

The Statistics


number of people living with HIV globally


decrease in new HIV infections among children since 2000


number of people that become newly infected with HIV each year.

Our Response

We fund a huge range of projects – from mobile testing units at football matches to sending SMS  text reminders to pregnant women.  They all make HIV testing easy, affordable, reliable and above all are offered to everyone without judgement or discrimination.

It’s essential that HIV testing is a routine part of public health. The work we fund is always linked to national systems and we lobby governments ensure the structures are in place to maintain and expand these projects.

Our Progress


people received a HIV test as a result of our funding in 2015


decrease in new HIV infections worldwide since 2000


goal for the number of people tested by our programmes

Case Study



Adolescents are the most vulnerable age group. While all other age groups are experiencing a 38% decline in AIDS-related deaths, young people are the only age group in which this is not the case. AIDS is the biggest killer of 10-19 year olds in Africa and every hour, 30 young people are infected with HIV. Having healthy, educated, skilled young people is crucial for Africa’s future. Something must be done to end the AIDS epidemic in adolescents or we will see a lost generation.


number of youth worldwide who have graduated from GRS HIV prevention programs.

Grassroot Soccer (GRS) began in Zimbabwe in 2002 to address just this issue.  They focus on the needs of young people by utilizing the immense popularity and power that football commands in Africa to educate youth on topics such as making healthy decisions, avoiding risks and on HIV testing and treatment.  The interactive HIV prevention and life skills curriculum is run by a diverse group of local role models that young people – both boys and girls – look up to, respect and aspire to emulate.  Most of these role models are young, female, living with HIV, professional footballers or graduates of the programme themselves.  The ability of the coaches to bond with and mentor young people ensures the programme achieves a greater impact and that the information learnt by participants is diffused throughout a community. Since their founding, GRS have expanded to operate flagship sites in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Ukraine. GRS as a technical assistance partner have helped design and launch projects in 10 other countries.

Sir Elton John visited one GRS site in South Africa in 2010 to witness first-hand the great impact this programme is achieving:

“Soccer stars are the most powerful role models for young people today” he said “so it’s fantastic that organisations like Grassroots Soccer are harnessing that power to educate young people about HIV”.

Since 2010, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has awarded over £1.9m to support the work of GRS, testing over 50,000 young people for HIV and helping to educate, inspire, and mobilize young people to create an AIDS Free Generation.

Ways you can help

At the Elton John AIDS Foundation we believe that AIDS can be beaten. Our goal is to create an AIDS free future for everybody in this world. With enough support, love and creativity, we know this is possible.