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Creating an aids free future in The Americas and The Carribean

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Creating an aids free future in Africa, Asia and Europe

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Help create an AIDS free future.

Help create an AIDS free future.

Our Grants Strategy


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We now have the tools to contain and reduce the spread of HIV.

And yet, almost 1 million people died of AIDS and related causes last year worldwide. In certain groups – such as Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM), Sex Workers and People Who Inject Drugs – the scale of the epidemic is actually growing, instead of decreasing.The reasons for this trend are not that we do not have the tools and services to address the problem, but due to a lack of access to such tools and services.

We believe this lack of access is driven by stigma and discrimination.

Vulnerable groups are those with the greatest need for help and support, and yet are the same groups who are most marginalised and isolated by their own governments, communities and society as a whole.

Our Commitments

No More Discrimination

No more HIV Infections

No More AIDS Deaths

The Foundation is committed to:

• No more discrimination
• No more new HIV infections
• No more AIDS deaths

This agenda informs our understanding of what we are achieving. Monitoring our impact against these goals is central to our grant making.

Our Grants

We are not currently accepting any new applications for funding. Please see below for details on previous funding opportunities.



Through the Fund for Key Populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Foundation and partners support initiatives benefiting the populations most-at-risk for HIV in this region. This fund is not currently open for application.


The LGBT Fund is a partnership between EJAF, the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and UNAIDS. As part of the LGBT Fund, small grants are available where LGBT people face stigma, discrimination and violence. More information available at


Pioneer Grants support specific initiatives focusing on an individual key population at higher risk – such as men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers and people who inject drugs – within an individual country. This fund is not currently open for application.


Flagship Grants target a specific vulnerable group through a number of related initiatives within an individual country. Programmes seek to genuinely ‘close the gap’ for a specific vulnerable group by engaging in a number of activities ranging from service delivery to advocacy. This fund is not currently open for application.

Large Scale & Grass Roots Initiatives


Support Grants drive momentum towards an AIDS free future because they have the potential to have an impact on large numbers of people. Support Grants target groups within the general population such as adolescents, children, women and girls. This fund is not currently open for application.


Small, one-off grants are awarded to grassroots initiatives that deliver tangible, immediate benefits to people living with HIV. This fund is not currently open for application.