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Creating an aids free future in The Americas and The Carribean

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Creating an aids free future in Africa, Asia and Europe

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Goverance & Accounts

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (UK) is a company limited by guarantee and therefore has no share capital.  The company was incorporated on 1st February 1993 and is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission (Registered Charity No. 1017336).  It is governed by its Memorandum and Articles of Association.  In addition, for the management of one-off fundraising events, the Foundation has a wholly owned trading subsidiary - EJAF Trading Limited.


The Foundation continues to fund a broad range of services for those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, including education, peer support, medical care, income generation, counselling and testing.  The Foundation funds operational research but does not support pure medical research.  Particular emphasis is given to the most disadvantaged or high risk groups, both nationally and internationally, and to community driven programmes that place people living with HIV/AIDS at the centre of service provision.

In pursuing its objectives, the Foundation’s activities fall into five main areas:

  • Funding UK projects
  • Funding International Projects
  • Providing Small Grants
  • Fundraising & Promotional Activities
  • Management & Governance Activities

Governance Structure

A Board of Trustees, who are also directors for the purpose of company law, determine the Foundation’s mission statement, charitable aims, objectives, fundraising, and specific priorities in terms of types of grant and geographical locations in a given year.

The trustees have delegated authority for the review and recommendation of grants to a Grant Panel. The Grant Panel consists of voting trustees, specialist advisors (where appropriate) and members of grants staff. The panel reviews grant assessments against strategic objectives and mission of the Foundation, taking into account current funding portfolio and the country strategy.  The trustees, by means of a majority vote, make funding decisions at the Grant Panel meeting.  The Board of Trustees ratifies these decisions at a trustees meeting.  There is an appeal procedure for grant applications who are unsuccessful.


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