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Out the closet raises £420,000 for EJAF

15 May 2010


Th British public saw their Christmas dreams come true, as the doors of ‘Out the Closet 2009’ in Covent Garden’s Flower Cellar’s flew open and shoppers had a once-in-a-lifetime chance, to get their hands on an exclusive array of Elton John and David Furnishes’ flamboyant clothing collection, direct from their wardrobes.

From outfits worn by Elton on stage to David’s favourite Dior shirts, fans had the opportunity to step into the shoes of the biggest stars in showbiz for real, as well as hand pick from their finest collection of clothes and accessories, including sunglasses, luggage and belts.  Ranging from £10 to £2,000, the stock will feature labels such as Versace, Dior, Prada, McQueen, D&G and Jean Paul Gaultier.  100% of proceeds from the sale goes to support the work on the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

‘Out the Closet 2009’ was the fifth pop up shop the Elton John AIDS Foundation has held. The last ‘Out The Closet’, on Regents Street in 2002, sold approximately 15,000 items and raised £400,000 for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.  Elton John comments,   “Out The Closet has become an amazing fundraising opportunity for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.  We always get a fantastic response from the public - I think the idea that the items we all buy and enjoy can help someone in dire need, particularly at this time of year, really strikes a chord.  I’m so grateful for everyone’s support in making this happen.”

David Furnish adds,  “The new stock in Out The Closet represents the largest clear out that I have ever had, and it’s exciting to think that my clothes will draw a whole new demographic into our shop.”

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations funding programmes that help to alleviate the physical, emotional and financial hardship of those living with, affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS.  EJAF was formed primarily to look after the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom; it is still the largest HIV/AIDS grant maker in the UK. However, during the past sixteen years, the organisation has also extended the scope of its work, now funding in 15 countries over 4 continents, it is one of the 20 largest international AIDS charities.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Covent Garden London for donating the use of Flower Cellars as our shop venue and JCPR ( for managing the media and communications, without whom, we would not have been able to make this happen.

The cost of plastic bags has been generously donated by The Box Cafe Bar

The Christmas Tree in the shop has been kindly donated by Indoor Garden Design

PLEASE NOTE: The Elton John AIDS Foundation does not guarantee that any specific item has been worn or used by Elton John or David Furnish