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21 August 2009


Letter from  Dr Mphu K. Ramatlapeng:


Date: 8th June 2009


Dear Elton and David,

It it two years since I attended your beautiful White Tie & Tiara Ball to talk about my government's goals for treatment of people with HIV in Lesotho.

Your guests were extraordinarily generous and with their funding we managed to secure a 120-strong motorcycle fleet.  In our country, these bikes enable doctors, nurses and community health workers to reach remote villages: to find people living with HIV who need to receive treatment, especially pregnant women and children; to ensure those on treatment do not miss their medication, and to transport vital HIV-related test samples to laboratories.

The bikes have increased productivity four fold in many clinics and transportation time for samples has reduced from as much as 40 days to as little as two in some sites. This has been an enormous help not only to our HIV/AIDS programme, but to communication between remote clinics in general.  The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is committed to maintaining this service and to taking it over from your Foundation in full in due course.

I am sorry not to be able to join you this evening, but hope that I will see you again soon in my country - perhaps we can both learn to ride a motorbike!

I wish you a hugely successful evening.


Yours Sincerely


Dr Mphu K. Ramatlapeng

Honourable Minister For Health & Social Welfare