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HIV Discrimination in the Playground

12 September 2013


Thanks to Collin Lee Thompson and the children of Testimony School in Arusha, Tanzania who showed they had love in their blood by singing Crocodile Rock to Elton and wishing him well after his operation in the summer, 2013. What a great video!

In other schools in Tanzania though, some children are prevented from playing in the playground because they are HIV positive. As shown in the photograph above, they are required to wear a red piece of felt on their uniform to mark them out from the other children.

Teachers do not tell them they have HIV, only that they are sick and too weak to do physical exercise. They are ordered to sit together on their own whilst the others run around freely. The children feel isolated by the teachers, who prevent them from understanding their illness.

We know the teachers are acting on their best intentions, however there is no medical reason why children should be separated from their peers because of their HIV status.  It seems so unfair that some children in Tanzania are prevented from joining in because of other people's misunderstanding about HIV. That is why we are doing this work, to raise money and provide HIV information workshops so that we can break the cycle of discrimination towards children living with HIV, to ensure they live as happy and active a life as any other child in the community.

It’s through such work that we will be able to create an AIDS free future. for more information on how you can donate specifically to make a difference to these children's lives, click here.

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