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Hillary Clinton is honoured by the Foundation for her work helping those affected by AIDS

21 October 2013


Sir Elton praised Hillary Clinton at this year’s Enduring Vision Gala and honoured her with the Foundation’s first Founder's Award for individuals who have shown their long term commitment to the fight against AIDS.

Secretary Clinton’s ground-breaking speech in Geneva declaring that “gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights” and the bold plan for an AIDS-free generation that she presented at the International AIDS Conference both epitomise the Foundation’s concept of 'an enduring vision of a world without AIDS'.

Before the ceremony, Sir Elton spoke to the press about the former Secretary of State: "She's a great human rights campaigner" he said. "She's made our fight easier by being such a staunch supporter of Aids and for people's human rights."

On receiving the award, Hillary told the audience "we still have so far to go" and “there are so many challenges in front of us" if we are to help all those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The former senator added that she wanted to see an "AIDS free generation" and said that accomplishing that must be "our north star". "I thank you, but I know there's more for us to do," she added. "Humans may discriminate, but viruses don't."

Hillary visited South Africa last year, and learnt of the innovative Kheth’Impilo programme that the Elton John AIDS Foundation funds that is being rolled out nationally to place pharmaceutical assistants in local health centres. You can read more about that programme and watch a video of her visit here: