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Creating an aids free future in Africa, Asia and Europe

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16 November 2014


At the Elton John AIDS Foundation, we believe every child has the right to live a life free of HIV. Simple and effective treatments exist to prevent HIV infection, and elimination of mother to child transmission is within our reach. Yet still, 700 babies are born with HIV each day.

Partner with other organisations 

To achieve our goal of an AIDS free future, we partner with organisations across sub-Saharan Africa that deliver lifesaving HIV prevention programmes, changing the lives of thousands of children. For example, our support for a project in Central Kenya has led to the virtual elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV in a number of hospitals in the region.  One story from the project which touched every one of us at the Foundation was that of Esther – a baby born to a HIV positive mother.

Esther’s Story 

Esther’s mother had recently been diagnosed with HIV at a routine antenatal check at her hospital. She was in the later stages of infection. During labour, Esther’s mother died tragically from a haemorrhage.

Luckily, Esther’s Grandmother was there to support her. Even with the immense grief from losing her daughter, she was able to care for Esther. After a short stay at a local hospital – where she received lifesaving treatment – Esther was able to begin a new life with her Grandmother.

Creating an AIDS free future

Esther’s Grandmother was given all the support she needed to ensure her granddaughter did not grow up with HIV. As well as making regular visits to her clinic, she received expert counselling and medical advice. Esther – now 3 – enjoys a life free of HIV.

This could not have happened without the support of our generous donors. We have made great progress over the last 10 years – the number of children born with HIV globally has been cut in half. There is still a long way to go, but you can help.

Join us in the fight to end mother to child transmission of HIV by making a donation to the Foundation today.