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Elton Launches First Book – Love Is The Cure

10 July 2012


We are excited to announce that Elton's first book, Love Is the Cure, will officially be in stores on Tuesday 17 July 2012 and may be pre-ordered through Amazon now.

Pre-order Love is the Cure from

Read a special preview of Love is the Cure.

Watch the BBC interview with Sir Elton John

Elton is very excited to share his book with supporters of the Foundation. As you know, EJAF focuses its resources on HIV prevention, stigma eradication, and service programs benefitting people who are most at risk of HIV infection and who have been stigmatized, marginalized, and left behind by governments and societies across the globe. Our programs compassionately engage with people in need by respecting the realities of their circumstances and preserving their dignity.

Elton’s book highlights these important aspects of EJAF’s approach to the fight against HIV/AIDS. In addition, through stories of his personal encounters with people like Ryan White, Freddie Mercury, and many others, Elton will convey the personal toll AIDS has taken on his life and how this loss has strengthened his determination to stop the spread of the epidemic.

“This is a disease that must be cured not by a miraculous vaccine, but by changing hearts and minds, and through collective effort to break down social barriers and to build bridges of compassion,” Elton writes. “Why are we not doing more? This is a question I have thought deeply about, and wish to answer – and to help change – by writing this book.”

Sales of Love is the Cure will benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation and its life saving work. Please help us spread the word about Elton’s book to your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. I also invite you to tune in to The Today Show on July 17th and 18th for Matt Lauer’s special two-part interview with Elton about his book.

This book would not be possible without the generous support EJAF’s cherished friends and donors, like you, have provided for our vital, life-saving work over the past 19 years. Much of this work will be featured in Elton’s book, and we hope you will take great pride in reading about these accomplishments.