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EJAF Continues To Work In Partnership With Comic Relief

12 March 2009


The Elton John AIDS Foundation continues to work in partnership with Comic Relief , who have provided a second year grant to EJAF (UK) for the "Orphans & Vulnerable Children Support Programme" in South Africa.

This work began in 2005 as a collaboration between EJAF and the AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) who identified 5 community based organisations that were seeing large numbers of children affected by HIV, many of whom have already been orphaned by the disease. Comic Relief provided the crucial funding that enabled this programme to help over 6,000 children in securing welfare support from the state, attending school, accessing healthcare and receiving emotional support.

In Phase II of this work, the programme's Community Childcare Forums (CCFs) will become the hub of community support for vulnerable children, whilst AFSA and its community group partners focus increasingly on embedding these quality programme services in state delivery. One other funder has joined as a co-funder of this project.

EJAF and its South African partners are grateful to Comic Relief for its ongoing support of this important programme.