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EJAF Ambassador helps create an AIDS-free future in South Africa and beyond

5 March 2014


Our Elton John AIDS Foundation Ambassador Nicholas Dlamini has been awarded the Amateur Yellow Leader Jersey to wear as the overall points leader in this week's grueling, 600km CapeRouleur.  Today, he'll cycle 208 km in the race's longest day, all while supporting an AIDS-free future in his Cape Town home and around the world.

But before the race even began, Nic took a break from training to tour the Heideveld Community Health Centre with Rifaat and Abel, two of dozens of pharmacist assistants supported by the Foundation to work across South Africa.

"It was great seeing the work that the Elton John AIDS Foundation does in my hometown," Nic explained. "It opened my eyes to how quick and easy and important it is to get tested and know your HIV status. I learnt a lot today. People in the clinic are affected by HIV, just like their patients. They want to help people protect themselves and stay well.

He also visited the nearby home of an HIV-positive mother of two (he's pictured with her at the top of this page). She gave birth to her first child, who is positive, before she knew her status. Thanks to awareness efforts and treatments like those funded by the Foundation, mother-to-child transmission was prevented with her second child, who is HIV-negative. This is the sort of life-changing work that your support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation enables.

You can support Nicholas and help the Foundation save more lives with a donation to his Cape Rouleur Challenge today.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation has given over ZAR196 million (GBP£16 million) to 197 projects throughout South Africa since 1993, reaching over two million people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. We continue to work extensively in and around the areas where Nicholas grew up.