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Nic Dlamini shares video diary from 2014 Cape Rouleur

17 March 2014


As Nicholas Dlamini rode hundreds of kilometers each day in last week's Cape Rouleur, he also took time to share a video diary of his journey.

Watch his account of the daily race results, the often- grueling weather conditions and his personal ties to the Foundation's work in his hometown.

As our Elton John AIDS Foundation Ambassador, Nic rode with Team EJAF/UBS alongside four cyclists from the bank. Together, they helped to raise 292,000 Rand (over £16,000) for the HIV/AIDS projects that we fund in South Africa.

Nic's ride was a success in more ways than one -- he also won the coveted Yellow Jersey as the highest point-scoring amateur in the race.

If you'd like to contribute to Nic's challenge, it's not too late. Visit