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Children in Ukraine are living with an HIV positive parent

75,000 children in Ukraine are living with an HIV positive parent

Whilst injecting drug use is the main route of HIV transmission in Ukraine, there is also a hidden, and highly stigmatised HIV epidemic amongst men who have sex with men.

The All Ukrainian Network of People Living With HIV/AIDS (AUkN) seeks to serve all those infected and affected.  In the six years that EJAF has supported its development, it has grown from a small group to a national network with representation in every region of the country, providing services to 15,000 people each month.

EJAF’s support has leveraged a further $151m from the Global Fund for TB, AIDS and Malaria, which selected the Network as Ukraine’s ‘principal recipient’, an unprecedented endorsement of an HIV positive peoples’ network.

EJAF is currently supporting training for 20 childcare specialists who will work with HIV positive children across the country in the Network’s community centres.  We are also funding the establishment of services at six sites for men who have sex with men – information, condoms, referral for testing and treatment.  These are some of the first of their kind in the country.


Ahead of World AIDS Day 2011, Elton & David visited EJAF projects in Ukraine to witness the progress made expanding services and reducing AIDS deaths in the country.

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