The Elton John AIDS Foundation is one of the foremost independent AIDS charities in the world. We fund frontline programmes that help to alleviate the pain - whether physical, emotional or financial - of those living with, affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS, and to continue the fight against this worldwide pandemic so that no one is left behind.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At the Elton John AIDS Foundation we believe that AIDS can be beaten. Our goal is to create an AIDS free future for everybody in this world. With enough support, love and creativity, we know this is possible.

The biggest weapon we have to fight this is in all of us: compassion.

We believe that through our network of kind, amazing, creative friends we can overcome these stigmas and motivate our scientists, aid workers and politicians to end AIDS. With your help, we can pioneer ways to prevent HIV from spreading and help people deal with its effects.

This way we can keep the dream of an AIDS-free future alive.

Our Beliefs & Values

Our Beliefs & Values
  • Everyone is entitled to dignity and respect.
  • Everyone has the right to access the best medicine.
  • Everyone has the right to information, opportunities and choices as part of the empowerment process.
  • Those most directly affected by the epidemic are central to finding effective solutions.
  • Care and concern for each and every person, respect for their human and legal rights – particularly of the most vulnerable and marginalised – is central to any caring community.

Our Aims

Our Aims

The Foundation aims to:

  • Be transparent and accountable.
  • Be effective and responsive as a grant making charity.
  • Achieve a positive impact with its funding.
  • Work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Learn from its work and share knowledge gained.

Our Reason for Being

Following the loss of many close friends to AIDS in the early 90s, including Freddie Mercury and American teenager Ryan White, and seeing the lack of understanding and stigma attached to the disease at that time, Sir Elton John established the Foundation in the US in 1992, and subsequently the Foundation in the UK the following year (1993).  While functioning as separate organisations, both organisations pursue the common goals of empowering people infected, affected and at risk of HIV/AIDS; alleviating their physical, emotional and financial hardship; and improving their quality of life, enabling them to live with dignity and exercise self-determination.  Presently, the Elton John AIDS Foundation (London) focuses its grant-making on programmes in Africa, Asia and Europe, with the Elton John AIDS Foundation (New York)  funding in the Americas and Caribbean.

Since its establishment in 1993, the  Foundation in London has grown from funding solely domestic programmes, to providing grants in 25 countries across 4 continents.  To date we have raised over £113 million*, which has been used to support more than 1,300 projects.  Our funding has also helped to leverage another £250m from our programme partners, enabling them to reach millions of people infected, affected or at risk of HIV/AIDS.  Some of the Elton John AIDS Foundation (London) beneficiaries include:

150 million people around the globe – including 5 million children – provided with information about HIV/AIDS.

100,000 people living with or affected by HIV in India – supplied with livelihood and nutritional interventions.

80,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa, of which 30,000 are children – supported to access anti-retroviral treatment.

300,000 HIV positive women in Sub-Saharan Africa -  supported to access effective prevention of mother-to-child transmission services.

200,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in Russia and Ukraine – supported through positive people’s groups & networks including the first national networks of positive people.

We are proud of its record championing innovative programmes, these have included:

  • supporting football-based programmes to educate vulnerable young people on HIV/AIDS, dispel myths and to get them tested in a positive and fun environment;
  • being one of the first grant makers in the world to acknowledge the needs of men who have sex with men (MSM) in countries where homosexuality is still illegal;
  • supporting needle exchange and methadone substitution programmes for injecting drug users living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS;
  • introducing a cost effective transport system to reach sick patients in rural Africa.

To support its charitable activities, we raise funds in a variety of ways.  These include arts-related exhibitions, clothing sales, sponsor partnerships, licensed merchandise and events – our headline fundraising event being the annual White Tie and Tiara Ball, held in the grounds of Sir Elton and his partner, David Furnish’s Windsor estate.  We ensure the maximum amount received from donations is directed expressly to grant-making activities; most of our events are 100% sponsored and run at no cost to the Foundation and our head-office in London has overheads running below 4%.

*as at last audited accounts of December 2012


Make a difference in the lives of those infected or affected by HIV and support us to continue or vital work.


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